Zumba & A Chop&Dye

As a foreigner in this far eastern land, there are a couple life necessities that are quite difficult to find that reach top notch western standards. One of those is a good hip gyrating Zumba class, and the other is a solid ‘do chopping. Well, the hair has actually been covered for quite a while, as my post on the gloriousness of Lucy has received much traction on the interwebs. However, I have recently tested other waters because, just because, and well, Danielle is happy.

And well, the connection between the two is that one who cuts yo hair also gets you to shake yo azzzzz! Sexy for sexy!

I Zumba’d quite regularly before coming to Korea, and the class was taught by a girl I used to dance with at Retter’s, so it was legit. Then I came to Korea and took a few classes, all totally made me sweat buckets, but totally sucked on the Zumbaness factor. The teachers just didn’t know what they were doing, or it felt like they were just making the dances up as they were going, or, um, they just didn’t look like they danced hardcore on a regular basis. Apologies, but you want your instructor to look like they get down and this ish works.

Then Veny enlightened me to the HOTT Zumbaboyz, who are HOTT. That’s with a double T. Dan and Jin are magical and so much fun and exactly what a Zumba class is supposed to be. They have classes that they teach together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Latin American Center in Kyungridan for 10,000won/class, or you can get a card  for 10 classes and pay 80,000won. Win win.

Kyungridan is on the opposite side of Hae Bang Chan, so go out Noksapyeong exit 2 til the underpass and cross under. Cross the street by Noxa and just walk straight, it’s just past Millions of Milkshakes and a taco place.

Dan also teaches at the Body Star in Jongno-5-ga on Tuesday nights and Jin at the Body Star at Sungshin Women’s University exit 4 (my hood!) on Thursday nights at 9pm.

Token photo with them the first time I went to one of their classes. They had a big fancy opening party with disco balls and flashing lights. Totes approps.


As mentioned above, this post is two-fold. Not only is Jin a mover and a shaker, he’s also a hair chopper! He recently opened up JP Hair in Hae Bang Chon, just up the main road when it curves around to the left. That wasn’t supposed to sound dirty.

You see, I started cultivating my glorious “Garden of Gray” at the ripe age of 25 while stressing out over JLo, but it was manageable until the day I turned 30. On that fateful day in January, the garden started looking more like a forest each time I gazed in the mirror. It was a minor horror at each glance. It had to be dealt with immediately. My virgin locks had to meet dye for their first time. That, and I needed life brought back into my limp mane.

So I put my trust in Jin.

Since I am not a #selfie #narcissist I don’t have any just-after photos for documentation, but I actually told Jin just as I was leaving how much I loved my hair and that I never usually like how my hair looks when I leave a salon. He curled it, which looked divine, but to be expected, they fell by the time I reached the bus stop. Stupid hair.

So foreign AND Korean ladies, you should totes check out Jin for your next ‘do revamp! He’s a pro, speaks perfect English and his studio is centrally located and greatly priced. 20,000won for a cut and 50,000won to have my roots dyed. Not too shabby.

To get there, just walk out Noksapyeong Station exit 2 and into HBC past the kimchi pots. Walk allllll the way up the main street, and when you see it fork off just turn left and it’s around the corner above the 7-11.

Happy thrusting and sexifying!

10 thoughts on “Zumba & A Chop&Dye

  1. Steve Miller (@qiranger) says:

    I’ll share this on the old FB feed, since I have a lot of friends in Korea looking for this info that normally don’t follow Twitter. I can’t say that I have need for a hair stylist. 😉

    The Zumba sounds like great fun. I have a friend in the US who is a Zumba instructor and my wife does it from time to time.

  2. Leah says:

    I’d kill for a good haircut! I had one after arriving but the stress over lack of communication combined with scissors was just too much haha. Lucky you!

    • Danielle says:

      Yea, there are some luxuries about being in Seoul, though I know some people who didn’t do their research and ended up in a shit storm of hair and scissors swirling lol

  3. pollyheath says:

    Oh Zumba! I’ve only taken two classes, but was enchanted by the ridiculousness of it all! Good on you for finding an awesome place!

    • Danielle says:

      yea! it’s so much fun, and i always thought it was hilarious when i’d take it back home because there would be tons of old people and tons of young people and everyone was just there to shake it lol

  4. Nathan says:

    I remember being pretty paranoid when I went for my first haircut in Korea. I keep it pretty short, so there’s not TOO much that can go wrong, but I didn’t want a total hack job done on it. I managed to find a lady who only does men cuts and cut it just right the first time! She doesn’t know any English, but she knows how to cut hair!

    Good info 😉

  5. NinjaTeacher says:

    Ha! A friend just went to the hairdresser yesterday, and the guy was going wild. He asked him to stop but the lady wouldn’t listen. Eventually he phoned his co-teacher and there was a yelling match over the phone. He ended up leaving with half a haircut for half the price.

    I haven’t braved a haircut in Korea yet :/

    • Danielle says:

      who’d your friend go to? it couldn’t have been jin because he speaks perfect english. are you sure it was jp hair?! pretty sure they all speak english there! i know there’s another spot down the way in hbc that a lot of foreigners go to but i don’t know if they speak great english…

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