For Good Luck…Panic

It’s become this weird little trick I’ve had on myself, but I’ve noticed that throughout this whole process, anytime I have a mini freak out about getting a document back (my criminal background check) or passing my TEFL exam, I send out some message into the universe asking advice or just merely expressing my state of panic.  Usually to the EPIK Facebook group.  Well, last night I sent Dia, my recruiter, an email just asking for an update since last we spoke she told me I’d probably hear in 1-2 weeks…and that was over 1 week ago.  Well…look what silly me woke up to….. 🙂


What a coincidence  !!!!!!!!!!

I was writing you the e-mail but you sent me the e-mail early!!!!

So I’m writing e-mail to you again!! Hehehehe

I know you must be very frustrating to wait for the news~~~

So I finally update you the news…………..anyway, I got little news about you from EPIK office.

They said that………………………………………….



Yes, you will finally get NOA from EPIK office!!

Your documents finally pass all step!!!! J


I can send your NOA and contract form next week and you will may receive them beginning of August!

Once again, Congratulations~

Now you will ready to get visa stamp at Korean consulate then.

After you get visa stamp on your passport, you will buy flight ticket to Korea too!!

First of all, Kovia will informing you when we send your NOA then! (We are waiting for NOA now)


Once again, Congratulations~

Talk to you soon then.

Happy now~?!?! Hahaha (I’m happy with you!!! 🙂 )


Dia is soooo sweet! I love her little breaks between giving me good news in her emails. But YAY! My only little issue is that she said EPIK office, not SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education). I’m assuming I got Seoul because that’s what we’ve been saying all along, but I emailed her back just in case to ask, but of course I won’t hear til Monday because it’s their weekend now. OH WELL! At least I know I PASSED!!!!!

NOW….time to rejoice in 2 amazing things, going to S. Korea and Kendra and Justin’s wedding!!!!

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