I Barack’d the Vote!

This weekend I checked one big thing off my to-do list!  I voted in my third Presidential election, and filled out my first absentee ballot, which was a bit exciting!  I’ve been trying to figure out the process to vote from abroad for the past couple weeks but kept getting confused.  Then, my friend Josh told me that the US Embassy was having a special day for all foreigners to come and cast their absentee ballots.  Ka-ching!  Off we went to BARACK THE VOTE!

I never pay much attention to politics, but I’ve gotten quite interested and eager to listen to the debates and all the hooha going on with the upcoming election.  Perhaps a sign that I am getting older?  Also, screw Romney for trying to take away our ovary’s rights.

Here is a picture of mine, Steph’s and Josh’s absentee ballots ready to be sent off to our designated counties in California, Washington and Florida.  All of us proudly Barack’d the vote (I’m gonna keep saying that til it goes out of style…which will be never).

And another posing with the seal at the US Embassy in Seoul, ballots in hand.

Hopefully Obama wins, because I’m really excited to be home in the states for it on my birthday AKA Inauguration day AKA January 20th!  #fourmoreyears (Yes I just hastagged in a blog post, so what).

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