Never thought I’d say this…

But I kinda like the government….at least for the time being (minus the stupid parking ticket I got in Beverly Hills today). I knew I couldn’t get out of LA without one more meter maid doing their stupid mean job.

ANYWAYS, I must say that I have had such luck with governments throughout this whole process. First the US government is nice and apostilles my CBC for me without a check..awwww. And today when I went to the Korean consulate to apply for my visa, I was literally in and out in 5 minutes.  Handed over my NOA, signed a few pages on my contract, forked over a whopping $45 and a passport photo and I was out the door.  Thoroughly impressed, I must say. Oh, and my visa will be ready for pick up tomorrow. Now I just gotta book my flight. Holy crap. That is all.

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