I’m off to teach kids how to speak…American!…oops

It’s 3:02am and I’m wide awake. Well, I’m exhausted but can’t fall asleep. Sista and I are having a slumber party with Presley and Cilla, all of which have been passed out for a couple hours now. Damn adrenaline or nerves or whatever the hell you are! That means tomorrow I’m leaving, getting up at 7:30am and then shlepping my ass to the post office to see if my freakin debit cards are going to be delivered to me today. I want to try and catch them before I leave, since knowing my luck they’re gonna come in the mail tomorrow right after I touch off the ground. Ugh! To catch you up to speed if you don’t know, my debit card was somehow involved in fraud and someone in NY (Park Ave. might I add!) tried to withdraw $500 from my practically non-existent bank account. How? I have no idea. So now my debit card is shut off and I have a stupid temp one that only works at ATMs, so unless I miraculously can intercept my card at the post office in the morning, Mama Schaeff is gonna have to mail it to me. MAJOR UGH!

Moving on to the goodbyes, ugh I hate goodbyes because I am such a cry baby. I had goodbyes with several lovely men in the past couple weeks which was delightful. Sam Alavi and I went to Woodranch for some delicious sandwiches, greasy garlic rolls and good old fashioned dirty catch up. We have the best catch ups ever. I miss that kiwi boy. Then I finally was taken to Umami by Mr. Jared Franco who I haven’t seen in a year (eh hem mr.!) It was lovely and really nice to see him and the food was bomb diggity. I even left with my cute lil Dr. Pepper bottle. Maybe upon my return I’ll put a flower in it or something. Who knows.  Then there was a fan-freakin-tastic goodbye that rocked my socks off! Saturday morning Mama Schaeff and I did our 3rd and final garage sale (SO SLOW!) and Trevor Martin (my 8th grade, red headed love affair) came to say bye to me. Probs the sweetest thing ever considering we haven’t seen each other in like 8 or so years? Needless to say, we did a ton of reminiscing and he really boosted my ego with some delightful compliments 🙂 It’s really great to know that even after so much time has passed you can really see who cares in times like these. Totally made my day. In addition to the boy goodbyes, I had a wonderful pho date at Pho 99 with my twin asian princesses, May May and Wawa. They started my love of the pho and my love of the asian, so it’s only natural for it to come full circle. The little man that works there was also very excited to see me, and seemed concerned when I told him I was moving to South Korea. Perhaps he is just sad he’ll miss my frequent business. Friday I also had a 3 hour long gvideo chat sesh with my other azn, Jnet and Jessiiiiii!! It was amaze, and I felt like we were hanging out. I miss them 😦

umami nomi. check out the cute dr. pepper bottle!

pho date with my azns

Saturday night I also had my going away party.  We did dinner at El Cholo and then relocated to the lovely Hideout, which has since become quite the goodbye venue. That place is so fun. Lots of people came, some didn’t come (one terd of a boy didn’t come…eh hem Mike ATO eh hem…), and some people I totally didn’t think would come came which was awesome. I didn’t even realize Mike hadn’t come until about 1am, after which I proceeded to send him a very mean text, and then he drove up to Agoura tonight to come say bye so I forgive him 🙂 I continued to make the rounds on Sunday, said bye to my little baby boyfriend Baird and the Conroy clan, then scampered off to dinner at where other than Buca di Beppo for some Macaroni Rosa with the fam, Cori, Joel and Michelle. Probs the best dinner in a while, despite my gross hangover headache from the night before and my anxiety over my stupid debit card. Those 3 lassies also got me a lovely gift of drugs, tampons and foot deodorizer…what more could a girl ask for?!

cry baby with my fab 4

what more could a girl need?

Alas we come to today, my last full day in these parts. I ran around doing miscellaneous things that didn’t require me to use my debit card (ugh). Got extra passport photos, had Papa Schaeff buy me my Korean phrase book to soak up on the plane ride, ran into good old Christian Stavro, came home to a pantry my mother packed for me in a duffel bag, rearranged my packing sitch with the help of Mama Schaeff for the rest of the afternoon before more last minute visits from my lovely Zumba buddy Alessandra, and then hung out the rest of the night with Cori and Mike (who if no one is aware, my mom thinks is way cute lol). Wow that was a long run on sentence! And now Jacq is over with the little puppy lovies and I should really get to bed.

pantry of goodies from my jew mama

my loves

Well, that’s it folks, I’m off tomorrow at 1:40pm. No more smartphone for a bit (omg how am I going to survive without checking into Incheon Airport on Foursquare?). Add me on Skype (dtschaeff), download Whatsapp and I’ll holler when I enter the new world of iPhone on the other side of the world.

Love you all and now I must sleep. MWAH!!!

ready to take on the orient! :)...sadly without presley by my side


Never thought I’d say this…

But I kinda like the government….at least for the time being (minus the stupid parking ticket I got in Beverly Hills today). I knew I couldn’t get out of LA without one more meter maid doing their stupid mean job.

ANYWAYS, I must say that I have had such luck with governments throughout this whole process. First the US government is nice and apostilles my CBC for me without a check..awwww. And today when I went to the Korean consulate to apply for my visa, I was literally in and out in 5 minutes.  Handed over my NOA, signed a few pages on my contract, forked over a whopping $45 and a passport photo and I was out the door.  Thoroughly impressed, I must say. Oh, and my visa will be ready for pick up tomorrow. Now I just gotta book my flight. Holy crap. That is all.

I’m Going to Seoul!!!

It doesn’t get any more official than this! Well, aside from me actually sitting on the plane, but you know what I mean! I have received my DHL tracking number for my contract and NoA and should have that in my hands within the next week. Once I get that then it’s off to the Korean consulate to get my visa put in my passport! My very first visa and I could not be happier!

This has for sure been a long road, and I’m so glad that I’m finally taking it.  After years of wanting to live abroad I’ve finally grown the balls to just go. Never thought it would be to Asia, but the unlikeliness is probably what makes it so much better.  I’m going to give a little breakdown below of time and money that has gone into this whole sitch, because it’s been a long time in the making….

  • November/December, 2010 – Miserable at new shitty job and begin concocting my escape route.  At this point I only wanted to go to Italy or Spain, but was set on the English teacher route.  Spoke to a couple TEFL providers, asked questions, got answers….
  • February, 2011 – Got myself “let go” from shitty job and begin collecting unemployment and focusing on figuring my new life plan abroad out.
  • March, 2011 – Went on road trip to New Orleans, met boy, decided we’d go move abroad together to teach English. Went to Police station to get fingerprinted for my Criminal Background Check. Total: $8.00 for fingerprints, $54.00 for 3 CBCs.
  • April, 2011 – Boy comes to visit and we applied to KorVia Consulting (recruiting agency). Had a wonderful interview with my recruiter, Dia Kim, on April 17th. I later ditch stupid boy because he is lying scumbag and I’m better off on my own. Purchased and began TEFL certification course. Total: $190.00 for TEFL course.
  • May 2011 – Collected 2 letters of rec and completed lengthy EPIK application plus Seoul lesson plan, and submitted to KorVia on May 6th.  Have EPIK interview with cute little Korea man on May 23rd and found out I passed a few days later.  Received CBC back from FBI (finally), sent to Department of State for Apostille, and sent BA Degree to CA Secretary of State for Apostille. Degree took 5 days, CBC took about 6 weeks. Oh, and I forgot to include a check to the SoS, but they still processed anyways 🙂 Total: $24.00 for CBC, $40.00 for Degree (including notarization).
  • June, 2011 – Finished TEFL course, took test from hell and PASSED! Received my certificate a couple weeks later.  FedEx’d all EPIK docs to KorVia on June 13th, and in EPIK’s hands June 16th. Total: $54.00 for FedEx 3 day!
  • July, 2011 – On July 15th Dia told me my documents passed final review stage and I had been placed!! On July 18th I found out I was placed in Seoul and that my NoA (notice of appointment for consulate/visa) is in the mail!!!  I should receive that along with my contract within the next week after which I will go to the Korean consulate for my E-2 visa (English teacher visa). I will then book my flight!!! Total: $45.00 for visa, ~$800.00 for flight (I get reimbursed).
  • August, 2011 – I will most likely be departing on August 15th, yikes!!!

GRAND TOTAL: $415.00 + $800.00 ~ $1,215.00

(This total does not include shipping costs to/from FBI, State Department and Secretary of State)

I also still need to complete my Tax Exemption form with the IRS which is another $35.00.


For Good Luck…Panic

It’s become this weird little trick I’ve had on myself, but I’ve noticed that throughout this whole process, anytime I have a mini freak out about getting a document back (my criminal background check) or passing my TEFL exam, I send out some message into the universe asking advice or just merely expressing my state of panic.  Usually to the EPIK Facebook group.  Well, last night I sent Dia, my recruiter, an email just asking for an update since last we spoke she told me I’d probably hear in 1-2 weeks…and that was over 1 week ago.  Well…look what silly me woke up to….. 🙂


What a coincidence  !!!!!!!!!!

I was writing you the e-mail but you sent me the e-mail early!!!!

So I’m writing e-mail to you again!! Hehehehe

I know you must be very frustrating to wait for the news~~~

So I finally update you the news…………..anyway, I got little news about you from EPIK office.

They said that………………………………………….



Yes, you will finally get NOA from EPIK office!!

Your documents finally pass all step!!!! J


I can send your NOA and contract form next week and you will may receive them beginning of August!

Once again, Congratulations~

Now you will ready to get visa stamp at Korean consulate then.

After you get visa stamp on your passport, you will buy flight ticket to Korea too!!

First of all, Kovia will informing you when we send your NOA then! (We are waiting for NOA now)


Once again, Congratulations~

Talk to you soon then.

Happy now~?!?! Hahaha (I’m happy with you!!! 🙂 )


Dia is soooo sweet! I love her little breaks between giving me good news in her emails. But YAY! My only little issue is that she said EPIK office, not SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education). I’m assuming I got Seoul because that’s what we’ve been saying all along, but I emailed her back just in case to ask, but of course I won’t hear til Monday because it’s their weekend now. OH WELL! At least I know I PASSED!!!!!

NOW….time to rejoice in 2 amazing things, going to S. Korea and Kendra and Justin’s wedding!!!!