This begins the goodbyes section

Whoa, 12 days left. That’s it folks! If you haven’t gotten in your quality time yet I don’t really know what to say except…you snooze you lose 😉 But seriously, my calendar is so packed I don’t know when I’ll actually have time to pack. I guess it was a smart idea to pull all my desired clothes for the next year off their hangers today. This is going to be one fun obstacle. Not. Ugh. I’m so overwhelmed!! At least the mounds on my neatly made bed have turned into orderly stacks on my couch. I need order or it gives me anxiety. And who needs anxiety when you are already feeling happy, sad, nervous, excited, anxious and WTF all at once?! It’s seriously the weirdest feeling I’ve ever felt. I guess that’s a good thing?

Like I said, the count down has officially begun and time is a tickin’. The first of many goodbyes was with Chiz in his orange sunglasses on Sunday, and I was quite the sad little duckling in my hot pink sunglasses. I’m gonna miss that cute boy. *sigh* Goodbye cutest boy I’ve ever known.  No, see ya later. That’s better. I also said see ya later to deBarros on Sunday too. Too bad he wasn’t wearing his sunga. That would have been the best farewell present EVER.  However, instead of a sunga, he gave me quite the sweet goodbye. I must admit I was quite touched when he said he admired me for taking a shitty, jaded situation and turning it around into something totally amazing and life changing. I guess that’s a sweeter goodbye than a man in a sunga (to those who are confused as to what a sunga is, it’s like tiny shiny boy shorts that men like to wear in the southern hemisphere while frolicking on the beach).  Moving on…..sista and I also had dinner with Danny (my favorite cousin who I haven’t seen in like, 3 years or something) and his gorgeous and lovely girlfriend Nicole.  The last time I saw them I was pretty intoxicated and Jeanell gashed her foot on a piece of glass walking barefoot through ghetto Busby’s on my 24th birthday.  We reminisced about that. And basically it was just an awesome time and I’m sad I never see my own cousin who lives so damn close to me. Ohhhhh family dramz 😉 Needless to say, I’m glad we caught up before I ship off to be a mail order bride in the Orient…. jk (that’s just what he thinks).

schaeff & the chiz bidding farewell at ginger rogers beach

In other news, let me tell you about all my celebrity sightings in the past month! I must say, I’ve been taking full advantage of this tinsel town of which I live in. In a nutshell, I have been quite the tourist in the past few weeks.  For starters, sista and I saw Tori Spelling at Malibu Mart a few weekends ago.  Jacquie however doesn’t know how to act like she’s from LA and impulsively screamed out amidst all the paparazzi “Tori! I love your hair!!” Oy. Really? That’s all you could think to shout?! Then, 2 weeks ago Cori took me to So You Think You Can Dance, where I met the distinguished Nigel Lythgoe!! I wish it were socially acceptable to say the old man made my heart skip a beat when he called me “young lady.” Screw it, it did. I also admired the dapper Neil Patrick Harris from afar.  Too bad his “people” whisked him off to his dressing room before I could politely ask for a photo.  Moving on to the best sighting of them all…..Evan Handler!!! Who is that you ask? HARRY GOLDENBLATT (or Charlie Runkle!) For those of you who still don’t know, Charlotte’s bald husband on Sex and the City, and the sexy David Duchovny’s slimy sidekick on Californication. And yes, the stories are true, I fell off my stool after asking for a photo with him. It’s all true, and he still took the picture with me, and it was amazing. And I also had nothing to drink.  And lastly, I got super touristy and took myself solo to a taping of Conan where I almost lost my shit when James Franco was the surprise guest interview. I literally lept out of my seat. I was the only one who stood up!! Pitter patter!! Not to mention, I love Conan! And then this week Mama Schaeff and I went to see Leno and Katie Holmes was a guest! All in all, this has been a not-t00-shabby last month in the city of Angels.

More goodbyes to come, for sure. This weekend I’m sure I’ll cry when I see Bret. But not before I watch his sweet dance moves and capture them for everyone to see.

Now I’m tired.  Off to bed I go. Gotta get up early for a focus group I’m doing tomorrow. I had homework and had to write a love letter to my razor. You read that correctly. And yes, I felt like an ass writing it, but whatever. It pays $150 or 160,124.10 won.  Night!




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