About a year ago I first really heard about KPOP (Korean Pop) when I was working at bloc, but didn’t really think anything of it.  One of the girls on my Choreography team always said she basically repped the whole Korean choreo market because one of our clients was always working with the big groups ova in the far East…NOW it’s all making sense.  Especially when I sit here watching some of the videos and seeing the completely womanly looking men dancing like my main love Justin Timberlake….

So yea…on the KPOP front, I felt the need to share this video from Letterman the other night. This is “Girls Generation” (or SNSD), which is a KPOP group that my students are f’ing obsessed with.  Looks like the KPOP scene is trying to invade the states now, so God bless their songs having at least some catchy English in them.  They also have an absurdly insane amount of group members, topping them off at 9 members.  Je-sus!


How many times do you think Letterman practiced saying 감사합니다 (that’s thank you….gam sam nida) while getting his makeup done?

I haven’t really gotten super into KPOP since being here, which is a shocker, but I do love this song, and hear it everywhere. Grocery store, subway station, and hummed by my students in class.  The guy is from Beast which is like, the *NSYNC of the boybands and she’s from the group 4 MINUTE.  There’s also 2PM and 2AM, amongst other groups.  Very original names.


Catchy yea???

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