I am alive and in my apartment!

Yes! I am in my apartment and it’s way bigger and nicer than I had anticipated. I’ll show pictures of it later because I feel all discombobulated and don’t know where the heck I am and it’s giving me anxiety. But, I just wanted to update all you peeps that yes, I’m in my apartment, yes, my 2 co-teachers are angels and I have an AMAZING classroom (pictures to come soon!), yes I took a freezing cold shower this morning because I couldn’t figure out the heating system, and yes, I got ridiculously lost on the bus today. Eeep.

My apartment is in Nowon-gu, in the neighborhood of Donggogae in the bigger neighborhood of Sanggye-dong. Lots of dongs and lots of neighborhoods are confusing me. I’m still not entirely sure of what my address is either. I kind of feel like no one I know is super close to me, but maybe that’s just because it’s the beginning and everyone is also disoriented. Blah. Anyways, tonight I’m gonna be going out with some friends to Hongdae which is apparently the poppin spot, but it’s like 45 minutes-1 hour from me by subway. Wish me luck that I get there in 1 piece.

More to come, but I must get back to tending my laundry and making my bed so I can kick this anxious feeling.

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