Playing the waiting game

So I don’t think I mentioned it on here, but I definitely expressed my mini-freak out to many people over my apostilled Criminal Background Check. And I’m sure many of you reading this have no clue what an apostille is, because frankly neither did I before this whole process. Here’s a lil breakdown….

I sent off my fingerprints to the FBI in West Virginia for the criminal background check (CBC) back in March, and got those results back (clean as a whistle!) on May 3rd. You would think that just getting that check would be enough, but NO, you are required to send back your results to the State Department in DC for them to be apostilled, which is authenticating your document. In a nutshell: IF you are going to work in a country that has signed the Hague agreement then you have to get your documents apostilled – so your degree and CBC. This basically says that your documents are authentic and will be recognized abroad.

Well, about my freak out! I forgot to pay the $24 to get my 3 CBCs apostilled and I didn’t realize I had to pay until the govt had them for a month! I freaked out, paniced out of my mind and cursed myself for being so stupid, and called the govt about 50x only to leave a million messages on several different voicemails. GRRR! BUT, my faith in the govt was restored when on Monday I received all 3 back in the mail beautifully apostilled! They also sent me a letter with it saying something to the effect of “you didn’t submit payment but we didn’t want to delay your process so went ahead and processed anyways. Please submit $24 at your earliest convenience.” Sweet sweet government authorities, how i heart you ❤

So that same day I immediately slid the apostilled CBC into my already organized package and FedEx'd that ish off to my lovely recruiter, Dia, in Seoul. They ended up getting to here by Wednesday, which was a day early (phew!) and she sent them off to the EPIK office (EPIK – English Program in Korea – the program I'm going to teach through). Now I just play the waiting game and see if I end up getting placed in Seoul as I had been pre-assigned.

On another note, I'm also hoping that I passed my TEFL test. That shit was HARD! It turned out being a total of 25 pages and it literally took me all day because I gave myself mental breaks and a big break to go Zumba. I was delirious the whole next day because once I finished and sent the damn test off at 3am I couldn't get back to sleep. Not until about 7am, after which I slept for a mere 3 hrs. erggg

All I can do now is wait wait wait….and cross them fingas!

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