WTF?! Wednesday ~ Read My Lips

I know I’ve slacked lately with my Wednesday postings, so my deepest apologies! I don’t really have an excuse aside from being a bit busy / tired now that the freezing cold has begun to rear its ugly head.

But, don’t fret, for we are back this week in WTF?!, and in BIG BOLD LETTERS.  I found this at one of the eons of boutiques in my neighborhood, and whenever I walk past it, I can’t help but laugh. When I took a picture of it, the girl working there started giggling, though I doubt she knows what “make out” means.

So, for those who do know the meaning, if you want to snag that cute guy over there, THIS is the sweater you should be rocking.


If he doesn’t catch your drift, which more likely than not he won’t, on to the next. There’s no reading between the lines here.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ Drugstore Cowboy

As most of you know, Cori has been visiting me the past few days, and today we are popping off to Tokyo Town!! We are quite excited. And, well, hoping to not get radiated.

During her few days in Korea, as I’ve been giving her the grand tour, I’ve obviously told her to keep her eyes peeled for ridiculous Engrish all over da place. Well, the other night we were in Dongdaemun in one of the big shopping department warehouses, and I stumbled upon this gem.

I’m not quite certain what a drugstore cowboy is, but he sure sounds like a funny chap!


WTF?! Wednesday ~ WHAT’S The New Black?!

As you know, one of my favorite things about Korea is the #justclickprint t-shirts that are everywhere. Well, today I found a new fave!

Tonight I was at one of the big shopping complexes in Dongdaemun helping my friend Dustin pick out some dapper new duds. While he was trying his shirt on, I spotted this gem just barely peeking out from behind a tasteful button down shirt.


I’d say I’m just as big a fan of this t-shirt as I am of that show by a similar name.

WTF?! Wednesday

Hi guys!! Quick lil thang first off! I’ve decided to make an ever-so-slight change to my Wednesday weekly posting and will now be calling it WTF?! Wednesday.

Since Korea is a dream boat for all things weird and WTF, this will give me free reign to show you all the great Engrish fails PLUS all the other amazingly ridiculous things this country has come up with.  It’s absolutely fascinating.

SO, for today’s WTF?! Wednesday, I’m treating you to one of my personal faves.  This photo just goes to show that anything goes and zero f*cks (or many, according to this young lady’s head piece) are given over here in the name of fashion.  In this girl’s case I wouldn’t really qualify a bucket hat as fashionable, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was sitting across from this girl on the subway, and when I looked up from my phone I had to do a double take and reread because I thought my eyes were fooling me. They weren’t, and BOY what a statement she chose to make!

The hat really is a masterpiece.


Your eyes are not deceiving you.  It does in fact say “FUCK IT” around the entire bucket and rim.

Perhaps her boyfriend broke up with her the day she made the purchase? Or she just liked the style? Or she’s never listened to rap music? Or foreign movies? I’m at a loss.

Whatever the reason, she gave zero fucks that day and it definitely made my day!

Watchu Say?! Wednesday

As most of you already are aware if you follow me on Instagram, one of my favorite things to do is document the horrendous form of the written English language in Korea. People walk around with some of the most butchered sentences or inappropriate sayings on their clothing, and I believe it’d be a huge disservice to our eyeballs and all the Grammar Nazis out there (myself included), not to capture such technical gems.

I’ve decided to make a weekly post on this ol’ blog of mine chronicling the outcome of what happens when Koreans choose not to utilize the overabundant amount of foreigners in their country, and instead decide to #justclickprint.

For the first Watchu Say?! Wednesday, this is actually the first #justclickprint t-shirt I hunkered down and bought myself. I found it in a stall in Gangnam Station, and stood there laughing to myself and debated spending the 10,000won (~$10) on it for a solid 15 minutes. The girl working there was most likely clueless as to why I was laughing and shaking my head at a t-shirt, which I’m sure is usually the case when I find something good.

I finally decided that it was definitely too good a find to pass up. Between the floral and the message it’s struggling to get across, I had to own it.


In case you are at a loss for what it says, here’s what it should say:


I just wish I had the gusto to wear it to school since I’m such a fan of it. However, as a teacher of the English language, I can’t bring myself to do it.

Oh well! Until next time!

안녕! (Annyeong = Goodbye)