WTF?! Wednesday ~ The Dirtiest Soap On The Block

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today marked the third day it’s snowed this winter in Seoul, but the first time I’ve woken up to a winter wonderland that’s stuck through the night, and formed a giant ice skating rink through the day!

I see many a fall in my near future.

Today in WTF?! I have decided to take it back to one if the first things I ever found so unbelievably odd about this country.

When it comes to getting clean, my mind just wanders to dirty with this soap doodad.


I don’t think I need to address why I feel dirty every time I wash my hands in an elementary school or public restroom. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ Read My Lips

I know I’ve slacked lately with my Wednesday postings, so my deepest apologies! I don’t really have an excuse aside from being a bit busy / tired now that the freezing cold has begun to rear its ugly head.

But, don’t fret, for we are back this week in WTF?!, and in BIG BOLD LETTERS.  I found this at one of the eons of boutiques in my neighborhood, and whenever I walk past it, I can’t help but laugh. When I took a picture of it, the girl working there started giggling, though I doubt she knows what “make out” means.

So, for those who do know the meaning, if you want to snag that cute guy over there, THIS is the sweater you should be rocking.


If he doesn’t catch your drift, which more likely than not he won’t, on to the next. There’s no reading between the lines here.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ Drugstore Cowboy

As most of you know, Cori has been visiting me the past few days, and today we are popping off to Tokyo Town!! We are quite excited. And, well, hoping to not get radiated.

During her few days in Korea, as I’ve been giving her the grand tour, I’ve obviously told her to keep her eyes peeled for ridiculous Engrish all over da place. Well, the other night we were in Dongdaemun in one of the big shopping department warehouses, and I stumbled upon this gem.

I’m not quite certain what a drugstore cowboy is, but he sure sounds like a funny chap!


WTF?! Wednesday ~ Please, Do Warn A Brother

Happy Wednesday peeps! Guess who’s classes are all cancelled today in preparation for Sports Day this Friday? MINE! I do miss having my little baby doll 4th graders though. It feels like I never see them because we’ve had so many Wednesdays off in a row lately! But, I welcome any break I get!

Moving on to today in WTF?! I bring you something ghettosilly. I found this piece of fab a while back at a little boutique that I always used to shop at in my old hood while I’d wait for my pizza at Pizza School. I stood there for a good 30 seconds just shaking my head and laughing, and then immediately sent this photo to Tim who greatly appreciated it’s amazingness.

20130925-094405.jpg“If you see da police, warn a brother”

This is one shirt where I do regret not making the purchase. Tim was pretty mad at me as well. Le sigh.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ The Pet Trashcan At 7-11

Hello everyone! I have yet another Wednesday off (and Thursday AND Friday!) It’s Chuseok, which is essentially Korea’s Thanksgiving, and my happy excuse to not go to school / take care of “me” stuff.  Last year at this time I was saying “konichiwa bitches” to the typhoon in Osaka and Kyoto, and this year I’m laying low and opting for that money sucking trip to Tokyo in 2 weeks over our NEXT long weekend!  I love fall in Korea because it feels like every week we have another long weekend or random day off in the middle of the week.  It’s quite loverly! Tomorrow I’m going to head on over to Chuncheon and Nami Island about 1.5 hours away by subway to do some exploring and perhaps some bike riding, my fave thing to do in foreign countries.

On with it now! Wednesday means one thing, and that is to grace your eyeballs with something weird and odd and bizarre and totally Korean. So, this week I bring you this trash can of a gem sign. I ran into 7-11 on my walk to the subway en route to school the other morning, and noticed this sign on the trash can that never seemed to grab my attention before.


I know Korea is quick to dispose of their pets once they outgrow that “cute” phase (whenever that happens), but ummmmm.  I would advise against throwing your pet away in the 7-11 trashcan (or anywhere since we’re on the topic).

I’m still trying to figure out a logical acronym that “pets” could stand for, but I’m stumped. That, and the Korean “페트” literally reads “pet”. Maybe they meant pet poop?

Has anyone in Korea seen this and willing to enlighten a sista? Until that time comes, you are welcome to throw away your pet like an empty ramen cup 😦

WTF?! Wednesday ~ WHAT’S The New Black?!

As you know, one of my favorite things about Korea is the #justclickprint t-shirts that are everywhere. Well, today I found a new fave!

Tonight I was at one of the big shopping complexes in Dongdaemun helping my friend Dustin pick out some dapper new duds. While he was trying his shirt on, I spotted this gem just barely peeking out from behind a tasteful button down shirt.


I’d say I’m just as big a fan of this t-shirt as I am of that show by a similar name.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ Mrs. Lee, What Planet You From?

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since posting my last WTF?! Wednesday jam because I was on a wondrous trip to Bali followed by a big move out of North Korea.  But, I’m back today! And happier than ever because A) I just found some new bedding so my apartment will slowly stop looking like a college dorm, and B) because CORI is coming to visit me at the end of the month!!! She’s coming to Seoul and then we are planning to pop on over to Tokyo since I have a long weekend in the beginning of October. WEEEEE!!

Now onto this week in WTFness! I actually took these photos 2 weeks ago when I was forced to co-teach (if you could even call it that), with the laziest, sloppiest, most absurd ajumma (old Korean woman) I’ve ever come in contact with.  I feel she, her wardrobe and just general demeanor are well deserving of their own post.

I am actually unsure if her name is really Mrs. Lee because she never even responded when I called her by “name”, but that’s what she told me it was… that one time she actually spoke to me. That brief moment in time was very brisk and almost non-existent.  It was like she couldn’t be bothered to be around a dirty foreigner. She didn’t ask my name, didn’t say hello, but just tossed me this handwritten questionnaire and ran away.  If you are confused, on the left side it says “Question 1-5”, and on the right it says “Answer”. So, I did as was asked of me and wrote her 5 questions that I was burning to know about her, expecting to receive some awe-inspiring answers in return.  Never got those.


Then came the time to meet and do something called TEACH the students. You’d think that one would dress presentable for a day on the job, and also be a little more involved. But no no. Not “Mrs. Lee”. She showed up to work like so and carried on in the back of class reading the newspaper and catching up on some zzzzz’s. She also walked into each class carrying a box of glue sticks and a mug filled with pens that she never used.


The only bit of teaching that “Mrs. Lee” did was when she began class.  She started by yelling at the students, followed by hitting a few so hard on the head, and finally, wrote a grammatically correct phrase on the board for the students to repeat 10 times. Only they weren’t grammatical at all, and the students knew it.  Her phrase choices were stupid, to put things bluntly.

In the first 6th grade class the phrase was “How you?”, the second was “Where from?” and the last (which she finally got right!) was “Be quiet”, also quite suiting for that particular class, but that’s neither here nor there.  I began class by asking the students how to correct their “teacher’s” English.


One of the biggest things that qualifies this as a WTF?! moment is the fact that she had ZERO idea of how to use a computer. She didn’t know what a mouse was or what to call the monitor. I know that she is older, but I found it bizarre that Jin had to spend a good portion of her time teaching “Mrs. Lee” the basic vocabulary that accompanies this technology that’s so abundant in our lives. Actually, the Vice Principal wanted me to teach “Mrs. Lee” how to teach, but I refused. My job is to teach the students, not to teach the teacher how to be a teacher. Especially when she had applied for this position under the pretenses that she was a teacher.  Oh, and because she couldn’t be bothered to even ask me my name.

On top of no basic computer knowledge, she also refused to eat in the cafeteria with everyone else, but instead conned a student into bringing her lunch in her classroom, which the Vice Principal was outraged about. She also STOLE one of the 3rd grade point frogs and one of the 6th grade point monkeys off our progress board. A token of her time as a teacher, perhaps?

If I can find it within myself to find one thing that I am pleased with in regards to “Mrs. Lee”, it’s that I strongly believe she brought me closer to my 6th graders. They are usually too cool for school, but having her there really made them appreciate me and hands were actually shooting up to volunteer, which NEVER happens.  So thank you for that wacko lady!

Alas, those two WTF weeks came and went, and now I have a brand new co-teacher named Shin hye and she’s young and sweet and pretty and I’m excited to have permanency once again!