My Little Hoishis!!!

So another week has come and gone, and I’ve passed my 1 month mark living in South Korea. Holy crap! Homesickness hasn’t really kicked in yet because I seem to talk to sista and mama Schaeff on the phone or by email daily, same with most of you other hoodrats.  I blame YOU for wanting to fall asleep standing up while I’m teaching sometimes. Bad combo of me being a night owl social butterfly and needing to stay up to speed on the happs with my lovers back state side.  The only time I’ve really gotten homesick is whenever I get a picture or video of the puppies. I almost cried watching a video of Cilla just jump around and lick Jacquie’s hand the other day. I probably watched it 50 times.  I’m also sad I missed sista’s big 25 😦

In other news, teaching is going amazingly well. I already have my favorites and I just want to squeeze them and steal them and not tell their parents I have stolen them. But I won’t do that because I’m a nice person.  Before coming here, I totally thought my favorites would be the girls and the littlest ones, but that is not true.  While I do love my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders, my absolute favorites are my 6th graders followed, almost tied, with my 5th graders right behind. I’ve noticed that while they are on the brink of their teenage bratty years, they are also starting to form their personalities and I freakin LOVE it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all sunny and sweet 24/7, because there are definitely the little shits, for lack of a better description.  I have one girl who punches the boy who sits in front of her, but I saw her after school once and told her I think she has a crush on that boy.  She instantly started giggling and yelling “NO TEACHA! NO!!!!!” There is also one boy who likes to mimick every stupid silly sound I make (and you know I make a lot of those).  I actually think he’s funny, but he’s such a little brat! He also makes silly faces back at me while he mimicks my voice. Then there are the select few who just don’t give a shit and sit there with their head down until you call on them and they give you a blank stare. CAUGHT YA. It’s funny being in the teacher’s seat, because I remember quite vividly falling asleep in Mrs. Bitch Goldstein’s 8th grade Social Studies class, only to be awoken by her awful voice calling on me to no available answer from my noggin. That was the only time I fell asleep in class because I was such a good student. HA!

I also found out that I will be getting the vacation time off that I want so that Cori and I can go gallavant around Thailand and make some interesting decisions and see a few sights along the way.  When I get back from Thailand I’ll begin teaching 3 weeks of winter camps beginning January 2nd.  I brought up teaching tap to the students and my co-teacher Leni flipped for it, so I will be leading English Tap classes come this winter! AH!  I have also made friends with the music teacher at my school who is so sweet.  We had a wonderful conversation yesterday and got to know each other, and then every Thursday going forward we will be reading Mary Poppins.  She loves the movies and would like to learn the book 🙂  She also wants to take me hiking and teach me how to make kimchi.  I told her I’d show her the way of the Jew and teach her how to make latkes and matzah ball soup 🙂 I might need someone to ship me some matzah meal in the near future.

And now time for the cute shit.  Let your heart melt with these cute little Korean Hoishis (thanks Papa Schaeff for that).

These 3 boys are my favorite 5th grade little peaches.  From left to right, there’s Jinho, Arthur (!!) and Max.

This is Konan and he is pint sized. I want to stuff him in my pocket. He’s also so smart and only in 3rd grade.

These are my 1st and 2nd after school kids.  Ariel is a DOLL, I forget the one in the middle’s name, and then Daniel is adorbz.  We were playing cats cradle 🙂

Lando, Lando, Lando. He is in 3rd grade and practically fluent.  Everything I teach him is too easy and he lets me and the whole class know. I still love the little pudge anyways.

This is my 6th grader Zidane.  He was reading about his Chuseok vacation.  He is also the boy who likes to tell out “TEACHA! I LOVE YOU! TEACHA’S SISTA JACQUIE IS BEAUTIFUL!”  Heartbreaker this one.

I will now conclude this post about the little Korean babes that I have come to love with a piece of art work.  Eat your heart out.  Or don’t. I know I won’t.


One thought on “My Little Hoishis!!!

  1. jnet says:

    hahaa amazing. i love how you called one “the little pudge” hope these smarties don’t find your blog! haha jk. love it and yay glad that you get time off to go to thailand. i went to thailand around dec/jan a few years ago and it was BOMB. LUCKY!

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