I’m certified!

8 days after taking the test from hell (well, grammar hell at least) I can finally put my nerves to rest and update my resume with “TEFL certified”!!!! YAY! I am so happy, and I can now officially be placed in Seoul if all goes the way I hope! Keep crossing fingers!

For those who are like “huh? what is TEFL?” it’s a certification that says I am qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language. In order to teach in Seoul, and virtually anywhere else around the globe, you need to be certified at least 100 hours, which is what I got.  I just completed the course online through ITTT at my own pace and then took a final exam.  Once you pass, it’s recognized worldwide.  That means that after completing a year in S. Korea I can go anywhere else I’d like! S. Korea is interesting though in the fact that you only need to be TEFL certified to teach in Seoul since it’s the capital and so competitive.  You can secure a job anywhere else in the country without being TEFL certified, you just won’t get that pay bump.  So, instead of making 2.0 million Won per month, I will now be making 2.1 million Won, which is the equivalent of $1,948.52 USD a month as of right now on xe.com.

Now I just wait to get my certificate in the mail, which they say will take about 2-3 weeks since it’s mailed from Thailand…wawaweewa!   I’ll post a picture of my certificate to show off once I get it 🙂

I’m soooo happy, now I can officially go to Vegas this weekend and LET LOOSE!!!

2 thoughts on “I’m certified!

  1. annie lee says:

    I know it’s a little outdated but… yay, congratulations! I came across your blog while searching for ITTT reviews cos I’m very interested in taking their 120 hrs online course! Do you have any advice or comment regarding the certification? Oh and was the final very difficult? x)

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Annie! A belated thank you haha. The course itself is very intensive and gives you SO much information to study, but the good thing is it’s at your own leisure and you can study as much or as little as you like. I did all the questions for every unit that we had to do, but since you aren’t required to submit anything you can do those as you please. As for the final exam, it was really hard and comprehensive and I thought it wouldn’t take the entire day to complete, but I worked right up til I had to submit it back. Best of luck to you!

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