Gangnam Styleeee

I know this is a bit tardy, but I’ve been out of the country so I couldn’t inform you of this rage over in the East, but I still wanted to, so I’m doing it now.  This video is insane.  When Brianne and I were in Boracay it came on in one of the clubs we were in and everyone lost their SHIT.  She later asked me what it was….well, now here you go, m’lady.   I don’t really know why this song is everywhere, aside from that it’s KPOP and it’s awesomely awkward and entertaining.

In case you’re wondering, Gangnam is the really richy, fancy, well-to-do part of Seoul just south of the river where lots of plastic surgery happens, and “oppa” is what the Korean girls like to call older (young) men.  Usually using a very high pitched “cute” voice.

Enjoy the sexiness…

In other news, Philippines post to come soon-ish, and I think I will begin a “Photo-a-Day” portion of this blog starting when my 2nd contract begins next week 🙂