WTF?! Wednesday ~ Please, Do Warn A Brother

Happy Wednesday peeps! Guess who’s classes are all cancelled today in preparation for Sports Day this Friday? MINE! I do miss having my little baby doll 4th graders though. It feels like I never see them because we’ve had so many Wednesdays off in a row lately! But, I welcome any break I get!

Moving on to today in WTF?! I bring you something ghettosilly. I found this piece of fab a while back at a little boutique that I always used to shop at in my old hood while I’d wait for my pizza at Pizza School. I stood there for a good 30 seconds just shaking my head and laughing, and then immediately sent this photo to Tim who greatly appreciated it’s amazingness.

20130925-094405.jpg“If you see da police, warn a brother”

This is one shirt where I do regret not making the purchase. Tim was pretty mad at me as well. Le sigh.

WTF?! Wednesday ~ The Pet Trashcan At 7-11

Hello everyone! I have yet another Wednesday off (and Thursday AND Friday!) It’s Chuseok, which is essentially Korea’s Thanksgiving, and my happy excuse to not go to school / take care of “me” stuff.  Last year at this time I was saying “konichiwa bitches” to the typhoon in Osaka and Kyoto, and this year I’m laying low and opting for that money sucking trip to Tokyo in 2 weeks over our NEXT long weekend!  I love fall in Korea because it feels like every week we have another long weekend or random day off in the middle of the week.  It’s quite loverly! Tomorrow I’m going to head on over to Chuncheon and Nami Island about 1.5 hours away by subway to do some exploring and perhaps some bike riding, my fave thing to do in foreign countries.

On with it now! Wednesday means one thing, and that is to grace your eyeballs with something weird and odd and bizarre and totally Korean. So, this week I bring you this trash can of a gem sign. I ran into 7-11 on my walk to the subway en route to school the other morning, and noticed this sign on the trash can that never seemed to grab my attention before.


I know Korea is quick to dispose of their pets once they outgrow that “cute” phase (whenever that happens), but ummmmm.  I would advise against throwing your pet away in the 7-11 trashcan (or anywhere since we’re on the topic).

I’m still trying to figure out a logical acronym that “pets” could stand for, but I’m stumped. That, and the Korean “페트” literally reads “pet”. Maybe they meant pet poop?

Has anyone in Korea seen this and willing to enlighten a sista? Until that time comes, you are welcome to throw away your pet like an empty ramen cup 😦